Bereich Composite

Press automation & special solutions

Productivity and availability

Especially for hardening systems a standard automation can very often not be used due to the rough environmental circumstances and the high temperatures on the part itself as well as in the in the environment.

Exactly for that reason Wickert designed solutions especially for this purpose in order to meet all requirements necessary.

Highest individualization possible

We prepare a solution for every customer task.

Highest availability and efficiency of the overall system is our ultimate goal.

A detailed visibility and time study is the basis of the systems chosen in terms of handling, actuators and buffer system.

With this idea it is also possible to run for example a high diversity of parts with the right actuator system. This saves time without emptying the system of parts.

Complete systems with integration of automation and special solutions

Furnace manipulator (tray handling)

Washing/Cleaning machine

Tool change systems

Special grippers

  • Multifunctional gripper
  • Hot-part gripper
    for rotationally symmetrical or flat components
  • Rotary gripper
    for cleaning components / cleaning machine

Handling systems / component memory

Individually tailored to the process handling systems / component memory

Intelligent networking

Intelligent networking of plant participants in a plant control and interfaces to higher-level process control systems

Robotic systems

Feasibility studies

We assist you with our experience