Our Values
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Our Values


We want to be the world leaders, in the market niche we work in.

Wickert is a supplier for presses and press systems, as well as a service provider for the production of moulded parts and similar applications. Wickert presses are innovative and have a very high quality.

“More than standard is our goal.“

Wickert concentrates on market niches and consequently works for the needs of its customers. Through the problem-solving skills of our staff and the lot size 1 structure of our company, we are able to provide our customers with customized solutions, giving them a competitive edge.

The leadership of our staff is goal-oriented, giving employees a big scope of action and a lot of responsibility. Our strive for products with a very high quality, quick reaction time and a maximum of helpfulness are meant to contribute to our customers success and help keeping up our good image.

The customer orientation and the image of Wickert is stabilized by the motivation and loyalty of our employees on a daily basis.


Wickert´s values guide us every day in carrying out our work, dealing with our colleagues, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders of the company.

They motivate us to deliver first-class performance in every situation and thus ensure the long-term success of the company and good cooperation.

These values define us; this is our CORE

C for our customers: We are passionate to offer our customers a competitive advantage through highest product quality and customized solutions. With our staff professionals we are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers requirements. A close and long term relationship is of the highest importance for us.

O what we offer: We offer advanced technology and we strive for success. We all carry an entrepreneurial spirit, which is carried into the company by the owners and the managment and has existed for generations. The curiosity for the future leads us to creating innovations and apply new technology to help shape the world of tomorrow.

R we respect: As a family owned business we treat each other with the highest respect and communicate on a common level to inspire and motivate our team for a shared vision. Respectful social interaction with customers, suppliers and any other contact is natural to us.

E important of being economical: Sustainable thinking and action lies within the DNA of a family business. One of the basic goals for us is to pass the business on to the next generation. This is why we are committed to a sustainable development through economical, ecological and social goals.