Feasibility studies
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Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies

On the basis of information collected together with our customers, we develop potential concepts and review any possible solutions with the aid of professional feasibility studies. In the process the risks are also assessed and the success factors of the various projects determined. We filter out the best possible solution for our customers and give a recommendation for decision-making.


Supported by our team of engineers and technicians, we create detailed designs for machines and entire systems on the basis of ideas, concepts with supporting calculations, process diagrams, and process simulation. Working with our customers, we are then able to stipulate machine and system specifications and/or to design them for specific components or processes.


Our machines and systems are assembled entirely at our plant in Landau. The 100% vertical integration that is the norm for WICKERT in manufacturing and assembly has provided us with many years of diverse experience of assembly under a single roof. The specialist knowledge and know-how of our assembly employees is our guarantee of outstanding quality.


The assembled machines and systems are commissioned entirely by our own software engineers. In addition to detailed stress tests of each system, all functions are checked for quality, precision, and tolerances. Preliminary acceptance of each machine or system takes place under production-like conditions at our plant in Landau.


We continue to feel obligated towards our customers even after all our contractual services have been performed. In our view, annual maintenance, safety checks and any necessary repairs are as much a part of an overall solution in line with requirements as the satisfaction of our customers.