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Forming and hardening

Forming and hardening

The components heated to hardening temperature are first formed in a tool and then hardened in the same tool.

This can be done using a quetten press, which is fully submerged together with the tool in a cooling basin underneath.
It can also be done in a forming press with a closed tool. For this purpose Wickert has developed a new concept that combines both functions.

One of the advantages of this concept is that the press with tool no longer has to be submerged in a cooling basin, as the quenching medium is guided in a high-volume flow to the workpiece by an optimized groove system in the tool. This high and tight volume flow reduces the vapour phase and significantly shortens the cooling time.
The concept also eliminates the need for a press pit on site and considerably reduces the purchase price of the plant.

  • Standardized press sizes from 150 kN to 5 000 kN
  • Single or multi-station systems
  • Manually operated or fully automated
  • Reduction of quenching times with new tools (higher throughput)
  • This achieves higher initial hardness or reduces the furnace temperature
  • Recooling and fully automatic filtering of scale
  • Adjustable force, volume flows and additional functions via component recipes

In addition, for sharply contoured forming operations which do not permit any grooves in the tool, a flux gap can be formed. This is done with servo-hydraulically driven contour pins which hold the component in suspension with the tool slightly open, thus allowing the hardening medium to flow effectively into the component.

Quenching medium: mostly polymer-water emulsion or hardening oil

Forming and hardening systems

WKP 4 000

Technical data:

  • Pressing force 400 Metric tons
  • Clamping surface 47“ x 47“
  • Stroke 35“
  • Operation height 47“
  • Daylight 43“
  • Closing speed 11“/s
  • Opening speed 7“/s

WKP 3 000

Technical data:

  • Pressing force 300 metric tons
  • Press area 59" x 35"
  • Daylight 43"
  • Piston stroke 35"
  • Operating height 35"

WKP 2 000

Technical data:

  • Clamping surface 39" x 31"

WKP 1 600

Technical data:

  • Pressing force 160 Metric tons
  • Clamping surface 63“ x 36“
  • Stroke 36“
  • Stroke into polymer basin 32“
  • Daylight 44“
  • Closing speed 12“/s
  • Opening speed 12“/s

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