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Fixture and mandrel hardening

Fixture hardening or mandrel hardening

Rotationally symmetrical components, mainly gears for powertrain transmissions, but also transmission parts for industry, aviation or agriculture.

The components heated to hardening temperature are held down by tool inserts, thus maintaining their flatness and precise concentricity. By using a mandrel, the inner diameter of the component is shrunk onto the mandrel. This generates a defined inner diameter, cylindricity, and thus eliminates the need for expensive hard machining.

Customized hardening systems

We can customize furnace times, component sizes and geometrical properties for your individual hardening press.

We will try to meet any customer requirement to produce a cost-efficient system.

In doing so, we fall back on a modular concept:
  • Standardized press sizes from 150 kN to 5 000 kN
  • Single or multi-station systems
  • Manually operated or fully automated
  • Automatic oil heating or recooling device
  • After-cooling and oil-stripping
  • Cleaning

Quenching medium: Hardening oil or polymer-water emulsion

In the case of mandrels, an additional difference can be made between a fixed mandrel, i.e. a cylinder precisely ground to the outside diameter, which can also be designed with teeth if required. The expanding mandrel, on the other hand, uses several segments that, using an expanding cone that moves on a block, move the coordinated segments to a defined diameter and hold them in this position with hydraulic pressure during the shrinking of the component.

Fixture hardening and mandrel hardening presses

WFH 1-800

Technical data:

  • pressing force 800 kN
  • assembly table 800 x 800 mm
  • daylight 1 500 mm

WFH 1-500

Technical data:

  • closing force and extrusion force 500 kN

WFH 1-300

Technical data:

  • pressing force 300 kN
  • piston stroke 500 mm
  • daylight 1 181 mm

WFH 2-300

Technical data:

  • 2-station system
  • closing force and press out force
    2 x 300 kN
  • piston stroke for quenching tool 800 mm
  • closing speed 200 mm/s
  • opening speed 200 mm/s

WFH 3-300

Technical data:

  • closing force and press out force 3 x 300 kN
  • piston stroke for quenching tool 800 mm
  • closing speed 200 mm/s
  • opening speed 200 mm/s

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