Wickert Open House - a complete success
Wickert Open House - a complete success

Wickert Open House - a complete success

Around 500 interested people flocked to the open house in Landau. A crowd that no one had expected.

Colleagues from different departments guided the visitors through our company and explained with great passion which work steps it takes until a high-performance press is ready and can be delivered to our customers.

The selection of products that our customers around the world manufacture on high-performance presses "Made in Landau", ranging from carbon rims for bicycles and rubber floor coverings to medical technology products manufactured in clean rooms, made for some impressed faces.

There was also a lot of interest in various hands-on activities, especially for the younger visitors in the training workshops for industrial mechanics and electronics technicians. Wickert trainees presented their apprenticeships and anyone who felt like it could build a mini press or make their own WICKERT extension cable and, of course, take it home with them.

The local press also reported on the event:

Rheinpfalz vom 27.09.2023

Many thanks to the 60 or so volunteers!

We all look forward to a new edition in the coming years.