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Industry 4.0

WICKERT - Smart-Factory

With the smart-factory-concept, the integration goes so far that the entire factory becomes possible via a central access station for all system users. Proactive actions by the press on necessary maintenance, UVV or repair measures complete the networked factory of these systems.


Wickert LINK is a bidirectional connection via network, between several presses or systems of the same type and a central computer.

This computer serves for recipe storage and administration. Possible extension is a central observation and setting of all attendants via the option Sm@rtClient or Runtime Application.


Wickert LOG serves for long-term data acquisition and storage. Ambition here is quality assurance of products and traceability of the processing data. This is the basis for verification of machine availability and process capability.

Possible extension is a process-close recording of line charts via the operator panel.

There are 3 different ways for data export

  • CSV recording via HMI (e.g. via Comfort Panel TP1500 or IPC). With a sampling rate ≥ 1 s at max max. 40 data. Data storage to a destination drive (e.g. internal SD card), net drive or USB mass memory possible.

  • Acquisition and storage via Datalogger Logoscreen nt. With a sampling rate ≥ 125ms s at max. 28 data (measuring signals) per device. Analysis of the archived data with PC-analysis software PCA 3000.

  • Unidirectional data transfer via ProfiNet / Ethernet, directly from the PLC. Sampling depending on the PLC cycle (< 50ms). Access to provided data block via TCP/IP communication on basis RFC 1006. Access to provided data block via OPC UA over IP-able network (PLC serves as an OPC UA Server).


Wickert SERVICE for recording and analysis of machine data and acquisition of operator actions.
Also remote monitoring via VPN connection.


Wickert ECO reduces not only energy consumption of the press but of the whole system.

  • Multi-level sleep mode gets active by pushing a button or automatically during long break times, e.g. break time, press closes with low pressure, vacuum chamber is closed, lowering of temperature in the heating platens.
  • Shutdown of all not used aggregates (e.g. hydraulic pump, vacuum pump, etc.), in each operating mode, when there is no action.
  • Integrated week timer manages weekend and holiday modes of the heating.


Wickert NET stands for networking of system modules and integrates all participants of an automated press via bus system (e.g. ProfiBus DP or ProfiNet PN, respectively Safebus). A central control and visualization provides a clear overview. The master data of all attendants will be managed via a central IPC as HMI.
Connection to a superimposed guidance or MES system will be realized by OPC UA.


Wickert SAFE subdivides into:

Safe system network

  • common Emergency Stop circuit
  • separated safety areas

Safe operation

  • Design of the press acc. European Safety Standard EN 693:2011-11. Approved hydraulic safety blocks and electric safety control, each 2-channeled redundant. Safety catchers.

Safe shut-down acc. EN 60204-1:2006

  • Controlled shut-down of system attendants and functions at Emergency Stop and power failures

Safe maintenance by process observation (Operating mode no.4)

  • Access to areas of danger with agreeing button at the portable panel KTP700F
  • Only one function performable
  • Only one direction performable
  • Exclusively instructed staff

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