WICKERT hardening presses

WICKERT hardening presses

Wickert hardening presses enable the forming and quenching of workpieces in a closed mould. This enables a guided quenchant flow onto the component surfaces and guarantees consistent hardening results.

The use of an inline filtration ensures that the quenching medium is kept consistently clean and therefore reliable.

Flexible standardised automation

Wickert offers a wide range of standardised automation solutions for handling hot parts.
Our systems can be customised to the component geometry and heating method.

Sustainable and future-proof

Simultaneous forming and quenching, even with larger component cross-sections, not only reduces investment costs, but also saves energy.
This creates competitive advantages and contributes to sustainability.

Smart tool changing systems

The use of intelligent tool changing systems makes it possible to use the hardening systems for different component shapes.
Specially customised tool changing and clamping systems in the press ensure short set-up times and maximises system availability.

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