Spare parts and wear parts

Spare parts matching the quality of the original manufacturer are fundamental for safe and smooth production processes.
We are able to supply the matching spare parts and wear parts for new systems as well as old presses.

Thanks to our integrated service module, the right spare parts can be selected quickly and reliably, and sent to you in a very short period of time. The spare parts we supply are documented in the machine inspection log to enable us to analyse the incorporated components at any time, and to identify any possible errors very early on.

We archive all of the information on your presses ready for instant access. This means the information is also available at any time if you plan to move the location of your machines.

If you wish to order spare parts or spare part packages, please just send us a fax or an email, or just contact our spare parts service directly by phone.

To ensure that you enjoy all of the advantages of our safe and dependable spare parts service, please provide us with the series identification number / machine number of the press.

This enables us to immediately see all of the details associated with the preceding activities, and to immediately implement the necessary measures. This customer care service also applies to machines made by other manufacturers which have allowed us to implement this type of service.

We will be happy to co-operate with you to elaborate a spare parts package specially tailored to your machines, to ensure that you can depend on the availability of your production systems in future.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us at any time.

Telephone:  ++49 (0) 6341 -  93 43 17