29.09.2017 07:12 Age: 2 yrs
Category: News 2017

Energy efficiency significantly improved inside the Wickert production environment

Not only the presses are getting more user friendly and more energy efficient at Wickert.
Also the production environment is improving in the same way. For this reason Wickert released an energy efficiency investment project together with the European Union (Fund for regional development EFRE).
Overall 400 square meters of production area had been modified with new thermos optimize windows as well as an overall new sealing including special insolation. With this Wickert is able to support the environmental energy efficiency by saving approximately 60 tons co2 or more than 90% of the latest energy consumption.
In addition a major benefit is the new installed LED illumination. Additionally approximately 70% of the latest energy consumption can be saved as well as approximately 50 ton co2. The working atmosphere and environment will be significantly improved for all Wickert employees to.

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