Our Vision

Wickert strives to be the world leader within our specialized markets.


Wickert supplies presses, press systems and services for the manufacture of molded components and related applications. – This is fine as is!

Wickert presses are innovative and of unsurpassed quality. Our goal is always to „Exceed the standard”.

Wickert concentrates on speciality / niche markets and is focused on tailored solutions to customer needs.

Custom solutions from Wickert provide our clients with a competitive edge. This is enabled by a creative, capable workforce together with a corporate structure tailored to producing customized machinery.

At Wickert our management team drives performance through a combination of establishing challenging targets, necessitating personal accountability, and allowing great individual freedom. Our primary goal is to achieve a long-term sustainable profit. We realize that our ability to achieve this goal is founded on the satisfaction of our clients and the competence and motivation of our workforce.

Wickert constantly strives for high quality products, fast response times and an unsurpassed willingness to help. Our customer driven satisfaction is strengthened on a daily basis by customer – centricity, motivation and loyalty.