03.11.2017 12:19 Age: 2 yrs
Category: News 2017

Rubber Expo 2017 for WICKERT even more important

The rubber industry within North America is getting more and more important for Wickert. A wider and more active customer base is interacting together with Wickert on potential projects or new process ideas in regards of compression or transfer molding for rubber.

Based on this the Rubber Expo exhibition in North America is gaining more importants for Wickert. On this year’s event Wickert decided to show a WKP 5000 S (500ton) rubber press including a high level of important options to manufacture high procession elastomer parts. Also included was a semi-automatic mold service system.

The given fact that for assembling this machine at the show it was only a limited time frame of 2,5 days made this task to a big challenge. Nevertheless the efforts paid fully off by having one of the most successful shows in North America so far. Wickert was one of the major exhibitors at the show and a hub for most of the visitors.

The press at the show was also a equipped with new features for cloud computing as well as the latest technology and generation of the human machine interface.

Wickert is convenience that this was one next step to make sure that potential customers in North America are aware of the design and quality difference such a press equipment can stand for and helps to build a good reputation for Wickert in high-end compression and transfer molding, presses within North America.

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