Maintenance and servicing
– simple and fast

You have come to the right place for maintenance and servicing – whether on one of our "Wickert" presses, or presses from other manufacturers. We will look after all of your hydraulic presses.

Our maintenance service includes


  • Checking and adjusting where necessary the play of the prism or column guides
  • Checking and lubricating where necessary the sliding surfaces of sliding tables, extending mechanisms, etc.
  • Lubricating the lubrication points
  • Checking the thermal protection platens and measuring the plan-parallelism where necessary
  • Inspection report and servicing recommendations

Hydraulics and pneumatics

  • Checking and tightening up the hydraulic/pneumatic piping where necessary
  • Checking and replacing where necessary air filters and oil filters
  • Operational pressure measurements combined with function tests of the pressure meter
  • Inspecting and readjusting where necessary the safety valves
  • Checking the tightness of all hydraulic cylinders
  • Function testing of hydraulic pumps and valves/pneumatic stations
  • Function testing oil coolers
  • Checking the oil level
  • Inspection report and servicing recommendations

Oil service

  • Oil analysis, oil purity check

Electrics and heating

  • Checking the basic machine settings
  • Visually checking all live cables and components
  • Checking the power consumption of the connected consumers
  • Checking and adjusting the temperature control where necessary
  • Checking peripheral switching elements
  • Inspection report and servicing recommendations


All of the maintenance work and safety checks are then documented in the relevant press inspection log which we provide. Press operators are obliged to maintain the press inspection log. We can do this on your behalf as part of the maintenance work and will always keep the documents up to date.

We can inspect your press systems at any time upon request or as part of a maintenance contract – with all the associated advantages for your operation.

Benefits of a maintenance contract

  • Flexible scheduling and therefore maximum availability of your presses and systems.
  • Preventative maintenance and exchange of wearing materials for smooth operating procedures.
  • Inspecting the mechanical and electrical functions of the system for the early identification and correction of potential sources of break-down.
  • Necessary repairs with original spare parts can be properly planned in advance.

We are also at your service to help you deal with unforeseen break-downs. We can repair your presses immediately: from wiring to control cabinet installations, mechanics, hydraulics and assembly. Everything from a single source, undertaken by our highly qualified technical staff.

It goes without saying that we can provide the services described above for all hydraulic presses.

For instance

Agila, Arenco, 
BMD, Berstoff, Bipel, Bussmann, Battenfeld, Berges, Bürkle,
Dieffenbacher, Dollson, Dr. Collin,
Gunst Erben, Joos,
Lindner, Landshuter Werkzeugbau, Lauffer,
Mapelli, Polson,
Rucks, Rutil, Saspol, Siempelkamp, Steinl, Schwabenthan,
Terenzio, USP,
Werner & Pfleiderer,
… and of course WICKERT!

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact us at any time!
We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer for the maintenance of your presses and systems.