Bereich Composite

Press automation

Press systems with integrated automation solutions as well as specialised solutions for composite materials

Our own process and systems development departments allows us to devise customised automation concepts and solutions for a wide variety of processes and materials. We can carry out full feasibility studies, profit calculations or in-house material and process technology tests on request.


Specific press dimensions individually selectable from 5 - 110 000 kN with platen sizes also over 10 000 mm in length and several daylights.

  • Infrared heating systems
  • Automation
  • Component handling systems
  • Heating/cooling systems
  • Process data backup
  • Integration of collaborative robot solutions
  • Intelligent networking with additional plant participants and superordinate process control systems

Automation & specialised solutions from Wickert

Fully automated composite thermoforming press

Automation of infeed and outfeed including 2-level infrared preheating oven as well as fully automated mould change including release agent application and mould preheating station by two 5-axis robots

Automated 7-daylight press for heating cooling process

Fully automated 7-daylight press including loading and unloading of 7 decks at the same time, as well as fully automatic feeding of special mould carriers and finishing of the product films

Semi-automated production cell WKP 2 000 S - 3-daylights

3-daylight production cell for the production of carbon pre-preg components including partial automation for mould feed and removal as well as mould handling. The system is designed with 6-mould loop system to guarantee a continuous production process.

Mould carrier WTF 200 – Caprolactam Injection

Automated workpiece carrier WTF 200 for the production of nylon plates. The plate thickness can vary from 6 to 110 mm. Automatic filling via injection unit as well as automatic horizontal swivelling device for removing the finished plates.

Pre-preg organosheet system fully automated in clean room

WKP 12 000 S 2-daylight fully automatic including pre-preg coverings as well as final visual inspection and stacking. Equipped with thermal oil unit including burner, primary and secondary circuits.

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