Fully automated hot-joining cell
Fully automated hot-joining cell

Fully automated hot-joining cell

Fully automated hot-joining of a planetary gear with a sun gear.All quality-relevant parameters such as joining force, joining stroke of the press, heating temperature and heating time of the induction generator are stored and forwarded to a higher-linked system.

With a 20W fiberlaser a traceability number is lasered in plain text and datamatrix code on the component. The lasered code is checked by a camera system (quality evaluation if datamatrix code is readable).

Technical details:

  • Four-column press with press power 5.0 – 55 kN
  • press plate 100mm x 140mm
  • 2 auxiliary axes for an orientated positioning of the planetary carrier in the press table and the induction coil
  • piston stroke 150mm
  • daylight 180mm
  • round buffer table for manual loading of planetary gears and sun gears outside of the safety area (buffer time 60 minutes)
  • induction heating for the planetary gear up to 500°C. Heating is monitored and regulated by a pyrometer controlled processor.
  • 4-axis-Scara robot system with a set-up free 2-finger parallel gripper
  • Steel mesh cooling conveyor belt to cool down the hot and joined components
  • laser cell with 2-axis handling and gripper, a 20W fibre laser and camera system in a laser protection cabine according to laser protection class 1
  • recipe management takes place in the press control only
  • system works set-up-free except of the joining rod
  • the joining rod can be exchanged with a quick-change coupling without a tool, in less than 1 minute