Presses for laboratory applications

The WLP S is a special press designed for use in laboratories.

The intelligent modular system enables this press to be adjusted to your individual requirements.

Your competitive benefits with WICKERT laboratory presses:

  • High repeatability of all process parameters
  • Homogenous temperature distribution
  • Good heating up and cooling down properties of isothermal and variothermal processes
  • Hydraulic or electric drive
  • Modular concept
  • Use of high-quality standard components
  • High plan-parallelism under full load
  • Special laboratory software
  • Wide range of data acquisition options
  • Solid mechanical engineering Made in Germany

Some of the possible options:

  • Multi-zone heating system for temperature accuracies up to +/- 0.2 °K
  • Isothermal and variothermal heating systems with either electric, steam, hot water or thermo-oil heating
  • Temperature gradients up to 50 °K/min
  • Vacuum systems up to maximum 1 mbar
  • High-temperature models for 500 °C and over
  • Wide range of special software for a range of sector solutions, e.g. for the decoration and elastomer industry
  • Data capture systems including connections to an office workstation
  • Temperature accuracy pursuant to DIN ISO 2392

Laboratory press specifications

WLP S 230 400 800 1600 3000 4350
Pressing force kN 230 400 800 1600 3000 4350
Heating platen dimensions (B*T) mm² 225 x 320 300 x 300 400 x 400 500 x 400 600 x 600 650 x 650
Daylight mm 135 300 300 300 300 200
Piston stroke mm 135 300 300 300 300 200

Examples of laboratory applications

Wickert WLP 1600 S, pressing force 1,600 kN, heating platen dimensions 500 x 400 mm, daylight 300 mm, piston stroke 300 mm; accessories package: data capture system including data exchange with desktop PC, multi-zone control for temperature accuracy +/- 0.25 °K 

Wickert WLP 4350, pressing force 230 kN, heating platen dimensions 230 x 300 mm, daylight 135 mm, piston stroke 135 mm; accessories package: vacuum and process gas control

These specifications apply to our standard modular system. We also provide modified standard and special solutions.

Trust in a company that has played a major role in the development of innovative hydraulic presses for more than 100 years. We can depend on us to find the best technical solution for your application.